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Our Staff

We Care For Children, Protect Their Welfare, And Prepare Them For The Future Are The Mostthe Future Are The Most

Elijah Li

Elijah Li a, New York native, is an LGBT advocate, community business owner, writer, designer, and engineer. Elijah’s advocacy centers on marginal identity, community development/empowerment, and visibility as it relates to LGBT minorities. His work in the community came as a natural extension of his work in engineering, where there was an implicit commitment to identify issues and solve them in unique ways

Elijah Li Executive Director

Gregory Russell

Gregory Russell has been an artist and a stand for the community for the LGBTQ Community. His advocacy centers around the combination of art, advocacy and LGBTQ rights.

Gregory Russell D. Strategy & Innovation

Joseph Paternoster

Joe Paternoster has been an educator for over the past 13 years. His advocacy centers around understanding that everyone can learn.

Joseph Paternoster / Education Liaison

Vonne Williams

Vonne Williams is a native of Reidsville. Vonne’s advocacy centers around maximizing financials gains and opportunities.

Vonne Williams / CFO