“New Year. Who Dis? Leave your negative mindset in 2017!”

When was the last time you felt sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?   
When was the last time you spoke of how unfair it was that “so and so” was moving forward in their life, but you’re still stuck in park in yours?   
When was the last time you engaged in a conversation that resembled that type of negative pity party or self sabotage?  If you’re being honest…….it was probably TODAY, or maybe yesterday. Check your texts! Those count too.  We are quick to talk about, complain about, whine about, give air time to………the things that are not working for us.
Have you ever considered that your thoughts, words and actions are just not aligned with what you really want?
If your time in 2017 was mostly spent focused on how “terrible life is and how life is treating you,” that was time you took away from getting FOCUSED on what you could do to move forward in your life.
We all have the same number of hours in the day. We all have the same amount of time to do something about our circumstances. Real change doesn’t happen because you just “wish for it to happen” – it happens when your THOUGHTS, what you SAY, and what you DO are in alignment. So, if you want something to change, you’ve got to make sure those three things are in alignment. Going into 2018, commit to doing something different.
Move different. And, watch what happens.
Day in and day out, we shout from the rooftops about what we deserve. We feel entitled, and quite frankly, we should feel that way because it is our birthright to be happy and to be in joy – however there are lessons to be learned if you’ve been stuck in a negative mindset all year long. But, you knew that, right?
If not, get clear that YOU are the one manifesting all the lessons you must learn quickly as this year comes to an end. All the lessons are for YOUR growth.  
Until you say, “Enough is enough!” – “I’ve learned the lessons now,” or “I’m going to stop having a pity party and DO something different,” nothing will be different in the new year.
Until you REALIZE on a deeper level that you DO deserve the best life has to offer, life will only offer back to you the energy you are putting outand that includes what you are saying, what you are thinking and what you are doing.
The next time you feel compelled to complain about your circumstances, remember what you think you deserve is not enough to manifest it. You must believe what it is you are declaring as far as what you deserve. You must work to remove all the blocks holding you back – and that’s got to happen before you go into 2018. You must KNOW that the limitations that exist in your life were created by you.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
By that I mean, we all go through things. All of us. No exceptions. But, the positive change occurs when YOU change. When you truly tell yourself that you are READY for more. That you are READY to receive without all the extras. That you will have faith no matter what. That you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead, show LOVE to yourself.
In 2018, remove all judgments you have made about yourself and your situation. Then, get clear about what you REALLY desire. Take a few minutes to be still. Imagine it all coming together. Feel it all coming together. Because it will and it IS. 2018 is YOUR year!
It is absolutely YOUR time, but first, you must believe that with every cell in your body. Then you must fill your mind with images and words (and whatever else you can find that is positive) that reinforces that you are INDEED worthy. When the doubt creeps in, observe it and then say goodbye to it. And, never allow yourself to let go of POSSIBILITY.
You’re on your way now…watch what happens next! 
Coach Kerri 
Named one of the best life coaches in Los Angeles and featured in Curve Magazine for her empowering work within the LGBT community, Coach Kerri is the owner and resident life coach at SoulDriven Life Coaching providing elite lifestyle coaching services to women in the LGBT community and allies. She is a Certified LGBT Life Coach, Certified LGBT Relationship Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Transformational Speaker, Trainer and Mentor. Her teachings primarily focus on how to overcome personal struggles leading to radical and unapologetic ways to practice self-care, self-love and self-celebration to design a life you truly love. Visit www.iamcoachkerri.com for more info! 

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